Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Book Review: How to be a Grown-Up

This book, How to be a Grown-Up, is such a fun, enjoyable book.

The main character is a stylist by the name of Rory. She is 41, married to Blake, an actor, and she has two kids. This family lives in New York City. Rory's husband is trying to decide if he wants to remain married and Rory's job has just become more difficult because of some new clients.

I feel like the characters are very well written, even the other people in the book, such as Claire and Jessica, Rory's true-blue best friends.

I knew when I picked up this book I would probably be smiling while I read and I was right. I believe that if the reader enjoys Chick-lit they will also enjoy this book. 

I was given this book by NetGalley and Atria Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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