Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Book Review: Sincerely Yours: A Novella Collection

Sincerely Yours: A Novella Collection consists of four stories, each involving a life-changing letter.

The first story is Moonlight Promises by Laurie Alice Eakes. This story begins with Camilla Renfrow, a titled gentlewoman from England, fleeing to a steamboat where she runs into a rakish, mysterious ship’s owner and captain.

Lessons in Love by Ann Shorey introduces the reader to a woman who writes for an advice column, Marigold Montgomery Bentley, known to her readers as MM, writes primarily marital advice, even though she is a single woman. The editor comes to meet this MM, who he thinks is a man and now Marigold has to come up with a plan to keep her job.

One Little Word is written by Amanda Cabot. An heiress, Lorraine Caldwell, is in danger of losing her money to a cousin. The only way to avoid this is to marry soon. While dealing with this, she discovers that her lost brother may still be alive. Searching for him leads her, to her surprise, to a carver of carousels.

A Saving Grace by Jane Kirkpatrick tells about Grace Hathaway. While rescuing a friend from a false clinic, she discovers lies and cover-ups which can endanger the lives of many people. She is unsure where to turn.

This book was give to me by the authors and in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Icecutter's Daughter

A tomboy, yet wanting something more, Merrill Krause spends most of her time helping her father and her brother.
Rurik Jorgenson leaves home and a broken engagement, to help with his uncle's furniture business.
Rurik and Merrill meet and then have to rely on God to help them find His purpose for their future lives.
Tracie Peterson writes such true-to-life characters which makes the reader want to continue on at the end of the story. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My doings

So instead of using this for book reviews only, I decided that I am going to include my progress on books and some general writing.
I love to read and write about historical events and people. So don't be surprised to read some of this type of thing here.
Right now I am reading the book "Hope Runs." It is a fascinating book about Claire Diaz-Ortiz and Samuel Ikua Gachagua and their journey to find something, or someone to fill the void in their hearts. I am not a very fast reader, so for me to have finished half of a book at one sitting is amazing.

Along with this book, I am starting to read "The Icecutter's Daughter" by Tracie Peterson.
I will let you know how things progress as I go along.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book review: Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengle

Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengle
Anne Elisabeth Stengle weaves together a tale of fantasy that draws the reader in. In this tale Daylily is to wed Foxbrush, her cousin. This is not the man she loves, but she told him that she would wed him if he never professed his love for her. On the morning of the wedding, these feeling slip out in the form a letter which was not to have been delivered to her. Unfortunately, it was and the events that occur following this are magical.
Daylily escapes to a magical, dangerous world, followed by the man that she loves and the man that loves her. This tale twists and turns and makes it impossible to put down.

I was given this book by and by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review

Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett

Corporal Carrot is more than he seems…..or is he??? This loveable six foot tall dwarf is a part of the Watchmen in Discworld, along with a troll, a werewolf and many other characters. There is also the possibility that he is royalty. This is the quest of Edward d’Eath, a member of the Assassin’s Guild, to discover the truth.
In the true Terry Pratchett manner though, there is so much more to the story. This magician with phrases and words weaves many story lines into one story so they totally make sense.

This is a wonderful part of the Discworld series.