Friday, December 9, 2016

Book Review: The Angel of Forest Hill

This is such a feel-good book to read for Christmas. It is an Amish setting which adds to its charm.

This was a quick read, which I enjoyed reading so much that I finished it within two days. It is one that will stay with you, in a good way.

Rose Kurtz is the only girl in her large family. She did not have a pleasant childhood and is asked to go to another community to help out a family. This makes her with that the new place is filled with love. When she gets there, the man of the house, Joel Dienner, has just lost his wife and he now has two little children and a baby to take care of. Rose agrees to stay and marry Joel, not because she loves him but because there is a need.

The arrangement works out until Rose become jealous of a pretty widow in the next town. This trouble is worked out through the remainder of the book.

I felt connected to Rose, not because I have had that kind of life, but because the author's style is such that it makes this possible.

I feel like anyone that is like me and enjoy reading Christmas fiction, especially this time of year, will enjoy picking up and delving into this book. I hope each reader feels the same as I when finished.

I was given this book by Blogging for Book in exchange for my honest review. I am very glad that I received and read this book for them.

Merry Christmas!


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