Monday, July 31, 2017

Book Review: The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth Berg is such a delightful writer. The characters in this book were all warm and easy to have feelings for.

Arthur is visiting his wife's grave when he meets Maddy. Each day he goes there to eat his lunch. Maddy, a high school senior, goes there to help figure out her crush. Then there is Arthur's neighbor who is in love, but the family does not share that sentiment about her.

Arthur is open as he reaches out to Maddy, as a friend. Arthur likes to help others reach a goal.

This book is a nice book to read. It is nice not to have to worry if there is a previous book I missed or if I have to wait for a follow-up. This is the complete story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was given this book by NetGalley and Random House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

This book may be purchased HERE!

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