Saturday, July 29, 2017

Book Review: Freedom's Ring

Freedom's Ring by [Chiavaroli, Heidi]Freedom's Ring is published by Tyndale House and written by Heidi Chiavaroli. This historical Christian novel begins in Boston in 2015. Annie David was at the Boston Marathon bombing, in fact, she nearly lost her life there. This has caused her to become isolated and she feels guilty because the bombing left her niece crippled. Annie survived by being rescued by a man who she only has a foggy memory of. She also has an antique ring which has caused her to go on a search for the history of the woman who the ring belongs to and the hero.

The story goes to Boston in 1770 where Liberty Caldwell was rescued by Alexander Smythe. He also offered her a job. She discovers much about her employer as time goes on. He loves poetry and he is a protector of Liberty. When the Boston Massacre occurs, her brother is killed. Lost and uncertain what to do she heads towards home, which has its own perils. She has such anger towards the redcoats and especially towards a captain who attacks her. She is able to escape with all she owns plus a ring which had been her friend and employer's.

These women's live separate lives, but each has fear at their hearts. How can they get from here to a point when they can feel strong and secure?

This is truly a historical book and I can tell the author has done research on the time periods discussed. I felt like this book spoke to something within me and it kept pulling me along through each chapter. The past and future are well woven together while including the difficulties, love, hope and more. Each lady suffers grief which was placed upon them by events they could not change.

I was given this book by Tyndale house in exchange for my honest review.

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