Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Book Review: High as the Heavens

High as the Heavens by [Breslin, Kate]Evelyn Marche, a nurse during the day and a waitress in the evenings, was made a widow by the war. She also has a third job as a spy for a Belgian resistance group with the British Secret Service.

She is the first one on the scene when a British plane crashes. She finds out she knows the injured pilot, British RFC Captain Simon Forrester. He is taken as a prisoner of war, so Eve hides him. It is very likely that they will be found out or if they do if their relationship can survive the secrets they have had to keep.

Kate Breslin, the author, has written an action-packed novel that was very difficult to put down.The characters are complex and realistic. The storyline has such detail that the reader will want to stay with it until the touching end.I believe that this is a book that should not be passed up. 

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