Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Audible Book Review: Unplanned

Unplanned (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel Book 1) by [Terry, Alana]Unplanned is one of the Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novels. I decided to listen to this book to get a different perspective on this series. I love all the books in this series and the audible version was no different.

Alana Terry offered this version to me in exchange for my honest review and I am so glad she did. I have not been reading these books, or listening in this case, in any order, but it doesn't matter. Each on stands on their own but they also work together.

In this book Kennedy is having to face decisions surrounding pro-choice. This should not scare anyone off though. I felt the entire story worked around this topic very well. After volunteering, through Pastor Carl, at the pregnancy center hotline for a weekend, she gets a call that upsets her. The call stays with her even after the connection is gone. She then begins looking into it to see if she can find out more details. This led to an unexpected event where Kennedy would have to rely on the Lord as she faces hard choices.

I like the way that answers do not come easy to Kennedy and her first choice for options is not automatically to the Lord. Even when she prays she has doubts that this is the correct move or how many prayers can she send out before giving up.

I feel like Kennedy lives in my heart and mind as I believe that I would move in some of the same ways she does when faced with unexpected circumstances.

Alana Terry has been a favorite author of mine for a few years and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Unplanned is an incredibly written Christian suspense novel. The book's theme is pro-life and being that I am pro-choice it did not have any bearing on the quality of the book for me. Kennedy comes back to the states to attend Harvard after spending 10 years living abroad in Yanji China with her family. She soon finds herself in a terrifying situation. Kennedy volunteers to take the new pregnancy centers hotline phone for the weekend helping out the pastor who is a family friend. Her first night assisting, she gets an extremely disturbing call on the hotline phone. Kennedy cannot get the details of the call off of her mind. She begins to sleuth around trying to find out all she can about the situation at hand. I do not want to say much more or I will ruin the book but, it gives you a little to chew on. Did this situation change the way Kennedy looked at abortion as always an atrocious thing? Who called the hotline and what caused the call to be so disturbing? You will now have to read the book to find out.
I found this book to actually be a light read even though it deals with atrocious situations. The book is very well written. Unplanned will keep you on the edge of your seat with the captivating plot. If you are pro-choice do not overlook it thinking that this is not a book for you. It will make you think. I hope that this book changes minds of people who think that abortion is wrong in every case. This would be a good read for young adults to the elderly.
To everyone who is reading this you have to look through the eyes of the person dealing with the difficult decision of abortion. In some situations what is right for you might not be the right thing for them. What if the woman is homeless and raped, will you take her and the baby in? Feed them, clothe them, protect them? know matter what you think it is never an easy situation.
"Thank you, Alana Terry, for letting me give an honest review of your book."

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