Friday, May 20, 2016

Child's book Review: The Pig Who Went Home on Sunday

I love when I come across a different version of a favorite story. This is that kind of book. The Pig Who Went Home on Sunday is a mixture of Three Little Pigs and an Appalachian Folktale. Instead of a Big Bad Wolf there is a wily fox and at the end of the story, the successful pig saw his mama again.

I loved this version of the story and the illustrations by Jennifer Mazzucco complemented the words by Donald Davis perfectly.

I am so glad that I was given this book by the publisher, August House, in exchange for my review.
Thank you.

Sharing different versions of The Three Little Pigs is always a fun thing to do in my school library. I found this one in the public library as I was looking for some retellings to possibly add to our collection. It is a delightful book told a little differently than many of the other versions I have read and the only one I can remember where we see the mother again! The illustrations are terrific as is the Appalacian setting where a fox is the culprit instead of a wolf.. And for those that don't like to see the wolf get boiled in a pot this was one has a less violent ending. Recommended for fans of the folktale or as an introduction to it.

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