Saturday, May 21, 2016

1492: New World Tales

1492: New World Tales, collected by Richard and Judy Dockrey Young, is a compilation of stories from around the time of 1492. Each tale is exciting and can make the reader feel as if they were there at the time of there telling.

The book begins with a description of what life would be like for children in this time. Then it goes on to share tales from aboard each of the boats, from different settlements and so on.

Each story is short but yet complete. As I would finish one, I could not wait to begin the next. I could easily see this as a stand alone book for students or for resource material for the classroom. If I were teaching this time in history, this book would help the children connect to the times, not just be told dates and names.

I am a history and book lover and this book combined my two loves very easily. I highly recommend this book for anyone, not just the classroom.

I was given this book by August House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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