Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book Review: Lake of Destiny

Lake of Destiny: A Celtic Legends Romance by [Boone, Martina]Anna Cameron has set off to help her aunt with the Beltane Festival in Scotland. Having a broken engagement and losing her job, this seems like the perfect way to escape. Once there she finds that her aunt has stretched the truth about the size and finances behind this festival, so Anna has her work cut out for her. Plus this festival is always extra special because on Beltane morning, this place reveals the face of one's true love. This is called the "Sighting".

This sweet story takes place in Scotland, so, in my view, it was going to be a success from the beginning. Add to it a love story filled with the sounds and descriptions of the setting and it made me wish I was there viewing it myself. However, with her writing, Martina Boone allowed me to travel there in my mind. I found myself getting lost in the words and not wanting to return home when I was done. I love it when a book does this so I would say this book is a big success.

I received a free copy of this book.

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