Friday, June 23, 2017

Book Review: Beside the Music

Beside the Music by [Knapp, BJ]Brenda Dunkirk considers herself to be so lucky. The rock band that she liked, and wrote to in the 80's, are now going to record their album, announcing their comeback, in her house. Needless to say this was not quite the thing she was expecting. She romanticizes the experience, even risking her own marriage. Hydra, the band, has made her home and her live a mess. Her hubby walked out and her boss is threatening to fire her. She isn't sure what to do.

The book's pace is set by the thoughts that Brenda is always thinking which kept me from losing interest. The author's choice of words made it easy to feel Brenda's mood throughout the book, including the frustration, and downright anger. Keeping this in mind we also have a feeling we know the other characters in the book from Brenda's thoughts and descriptions. BJ Knapp did a great job with this book.

This book was given to me freely.

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